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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tonight we had school open house, and it was the usual--a frenzied meeting of parents and new students, greeting of familiar students and parents, and my-throat-hurts-from-talking-so-much-itis.  I cannot conceive of a better way to run it, though, or I would certainly chime in with it.

Everyone I met seemed very pleasant, and it was great to see the returning students (as well as a few former students).  This year should be a great one.

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Posted by: griffithd
Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Start Your Engines

The commencement of school approaches; be on the lookout (on this site) for more downloadable forms, including my class information, the Junior Civitan activities for the upcoming school year, and the digital media waiver form.  What excitement!

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Posted by: griffithd
Saturday, July 9, 2005

A picture's worth a thousand blogs

If you're not familiar with the use of photoblogs, I highly recommend that you look at FlickrBlog and what they are doing with photos there.  Being able to easily upload photos has spawned photoblogs, and for people who prefer to let their images speak rather than lots of words this is a priceless vehicle for expression.

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Posted by: griffithd
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vast Potential

I've been exploring the features of our new blog ring (or whatever I should dub it), and it has really impressed me thus far.  Besides the ease of customizing the look of each site (I've already changed mine, obviously), the possibilities for using the ring--for staff, for parents, and for classes--is a bit staggering.  I have a lot of thinking and re-thinking to do as far as the processes involved, but overall I'd have to say it's exciting just to consider.

For staff, we can discuss topics without having to exchange a gross of emails.  For parents, we can post school documents that need to be signed; that way, if a paper does not make it home with a child the parents can print out a copy, sign it, and send it on its merry way.  We can also post announcements and calendars.  For classes...it's so full of potentially great uses that I won't yet begin to list them all.  I need to keep thinking on it in order to find the best, most efficient, and most effective uses.

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Posted by: griffithd
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Monday, June 13, 2005

An Outer Banks Memory

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