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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wal-Mart: Love It or Hate It?

by Hannah Gaither

Some people think that Wal-Mart is great; others, not too great.  People have said that it is a good place to go because it has low prices and they can buy groceries, have their tires rotated, and take care of the children at the same time!


People who are anti-Wal-Mart say that the store is dirty and its checkout lines are always slow.  People definitely have different opinions!


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Friday, November 11, 2005

6th Graders Visit Camp Hanes

by Kailah Rose

39 6th grade A.R.M.S. students, 3 teachers and 9 parents visited Camp Hanes for a 3 day 2 night camping trip.  While there, they enjoyed the climbing tower, the Crystal mine hike, which was over 2000 feet up on the mountain, and actually got to dig for crystals. They also experienced the ropes course which was called the Zip line, archery, wet world, canoeing and a survival class. The students learned about how important teamwork is and about respecting nature and all it has to offer. 
We all used muscles that we didn't even know we had. We learned how important it is to be supportive of your team and your fellow students.
The students also got to enjoy a bonfire where there was singing and skits. We even got to go on a night hike on Halloween night in the total darkness, which was lots of fun. We were fed breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was so much food to eat. We didn't even have television, radios or any extra sweets to eat, but we still had loads of fun and really didn't miss them as we were so busy with all our activites and too tired at night to care.
It was an awesome trip and I encourage all 6th graders that are coming up next year to go.  It was fun to watch the teachers and parents particpate in the activites that we all got to do.
Thank you Camp Hanes  Staff, Mrs. Amerson, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Quick and the parents for such a GREAT and Fun experience.

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Camp Hanes

by Lauren Turbeville

Just a short week or so ago many of the sixth graders went on a field trip to Camp Hanes.  When we got off the bus we went straight into our activities.  Our first activity was archery; we got to have a “shoot off,” which was fun.  Then we all went to eat lunch, where the food was delicious.


Afterwards we went with Jack, one of our favorite counselors, and we learned how to survive in the woods.  Following that activity Jack took us canoeing.  That night after dinner we played in the gym and had a crazy auction.  We had to put stuff from our cabin into a bag, then we had to make whatever the counselors called with our belongings.


The next day after breakfast we went on the Crystal Mine hike, which was exhausting.  After lunch we did what was the authors’ favorite activity, the high ropes, which were a blast!  For the rest of the afternoon we had recreation time, where would could play whatever we wanted.  After dinner we played a few games in the gym and then we had a campfire where we watched skits.  They were so funny!


The next morning after breakfast we went rock climbing, and that was a blast, too.  Then we got to go and look in the creek for tadpoles and salamanders—yuck!  Next came our last lunch at Camp Hanes, then we loaded up the bus and got ready to take off.  The bus was filled with laughter while we watched Shrek 2, then we arrived back at ARMS and had to look forward to going back to school the next day.


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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kids' Spending Habits

by Stefanie M.

Kids!  Sweet, innocent children or greedy money wasters?  I wanted to find out what people think of children's spending habits.  So, I asked ten different people their opinion about whether kids waste their parents' money, or if the money is spent on necessary things.  It seemed that everyone I spoke with agreed that children waste money--some more than others.

Six different adults told me that yes, their children waste money.  When I went on to ask what the kids buy with the "wasted money," it seemed that the most popular items to buy were video games.  One father said that most of the blame is with television, because TV encourages children to want more and more things.  He used the example of Nintendo and XBox--his son wants to have every new little item or game advertised, and is never satisfied with what he already has.  This particular father also mentioned the wasted money spent on advertised cereals because his son wants to try all of the cool-sounding cereals, but then decides after eating it once or twice that he doesn't like that cereal anymore.

Other things that children waste their money on, according to the parents I interviewed, were toys, candy, little stuff at the store, and cell phones.  One mother told me that her daughter wants something every time they go out to a store, but then has no place to keep the things she buys.

When I talked to 4 different children, they also agreed that they waste their parents' money.  3 of the 4 seemed to feel a little bit bad about it, but 1 teenager told me that she deserved getting the things because she works hard in school and that she should receive a reward.  The kids I talked to all agreed that they have lots and lots of things that they don't need or even have time for; but not one kid said anything about TV and how that encourages them to want to buy more things.  Instead, the kids talked about all of the things that their friends have.

In conclusion, it does seem that most, if not all, children happily waste their parents' money.  Maybe kids these days really are spoiled--but whose fault is it?

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Trend Alert

by Shelby T. and Sarah Ann W.

Gryphons, get ready for fall and be in style.  Boots are an essential item for your shopping list.  Gals can wear stiletto, wedge, western, rugged, biker, ankle, and slouchy boots.  Wear a western style shirt with snap down buttons.  Throw in a jean mini skirt to create a look that is HOT!  Other must-haves include a hobo bag, bangle bracelets, ribbon bells, and anything sequiny.

Guys should appear on the scene sporting destroyed jeans, polo shirts, and track jackets.  Woven cotton short and long sleeve shirts in stripes and plaids complete the wardrobe.  "Conversation tees" are a must-have when trying to stir up small talk with the ladies.

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